Double Standards

Double Standard Living


“Hi do you mind hearing me out for a second?” How many times have we heard this and instantly tensed up, while immediately and frantically searching your brain for an exit strategy?”   Now I will be the first one to admit I am guilty of doing this, and have done so just the other day. In my admittance I also have to shamefully reflect on how many times as a writer, I have pushed for someone to read my blog, or a chapter in my novel. I have gone out and tweeted the link to this blog so many times that I should not have fingers to type as I do in this moment. I tweeted it with hope though. In hope that whoever is behind that computer screen is not just ignoring it, but actually clicking, and going on to explore the world that is my thoughts. However I have to take a step back today, and ask myself, how dare I ask for this , when I wouldn’t do it for somebody else?

This situation is an example of double standard living in society.  A topic that has come and fleeted across my mind for many years, but had not manifested into words of my own until now.  We live in a world where we say, and we tweet “What goes around comes around.” “Do onto others as you would want done onto you.” “Lead by example.”  But that’s where it stops. We say it, we tweet it, but we seldom live by it.  Even with this knowledge at the forefront of our consciousness, we still will give fuel to the problem, and we still will not change. This leads me to wonder is it human nature to be this way?  Is it in our genetic make up to tell our significant other   that they can’t have a friend of the opposite sex, but we can? Are we as parents allowed to tell our children to not smoke marijuana, but we can? And finally am I as an aspiring writer allowed to sell my dream to others but not buy theirs?


I know I cant change the world, and I have not yet scratched the surface of this topic, and in all honesty will probably write many more post about it.


However, I write this with a dream and a prayer that as a reader you will think twice in your decisions, think twice in your accusations, and think twice in your rules.


Don’t just say it, Don’t just tweet it, Live it.





5 responses to “Double Standards

  1. Oh so true!!! I am exactly the same! I sit back wondering why I only have a few followers but I never take the time to go and follow others! I am heeding your advice (and have followed you in the process) and am hoping what I give out, I will get back. Very good post 🙂

  2. WOW! Seriously, I found someone with a very similar mind than me. One of these days I was questioning why people get so crazy with comments on Facebook, with meaningless subjects and when it comes to real critical thinking like your thoughts, and I dare say, mine as well, they just don’t bother to read, comment, or even think about it. The world is becoming a place where deep thoughts are rare and only a few people actually have them. I value your blog, words and attitude.

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