As I walked through a seemingly beautiful park under a star filled sky, I couldn’t help but think to myself what a beautiful night, I was being blessed with to see, to feel, and to simply breathe in. When I looked over at the friend I had been walking with to see if she was sharing the same comely sentiments. I noticed her on her Apple I phone texting, and tweeting. Immediately my mind raced with a theory and my voice soon repeated it. “We don’t appreciate the beauties in life that God has made, instead we put our hopes for fun or entertainment into these man made objects.” I said

I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it before.  I started to wonder how many nights or day like these I have missed because I had my head in my phone, and not in the stars.  Let me be the first person to tell you that even owning every single one of the millions of apps, or video games, or television channels in the world; none of that compares to a sky blanketed with stars, or a starless day with a cool breeze, or the beauty of a waterfall in the spring.  Taking your significant other to a funny movie, or maybe an expensive dinner is nice, but so is a date to the local park, or to an appealing river walk. Be creative, and be with nature as well as technology. Lets stop taking for granted the things that god has plainly laid out in front of us, and experience it while it is all still here, and all still amazingly breathtaking