Soul Mates

Soul Mates





In all honesty I cannot recollect how many times the question of whether I believe in soul mates have reached my ears, and words have exited my mouth without second thought.  It is truly my belief that there is always some defining moment in life to where all bad habits are broken.  Some of these defining moments come in death or near death situations, but if we are lucky as well as patient enough, they might come on beautiful, warm, breezeless nights like mine happened to yesterday.  I was asked the familiar question, but thought reached me before vocal output did. Instead of the usual No I would give, a new answer seemed to be making its way to my lips.


“Yes, I do.”


Why didn’t I see it before?  The answer could be that I just had not given in thought nor been very interested in the subject, which looking back on it now seems to be completely ludicrous to be lackluster about there possibly being someone else put on the earth, not solely for you, but in a loving sense for you.


Is it so hard to believe that there is a soul out there, whom thinks the same as you, feels in the unique ways we all as individuals claim we feel. Yes, there are billions of people in the world, what are the chances of your soul mate and you ending up in the same place right?  That’s exactly it though, wouldn’t these similarities in individualism, ideas, thoughts, souls…. Not lead  the both of you to end up   on the same social network, or possibly even the same place in the world?  If my theory is correct, and the theory of soul mates is correct the answer is yes.  Maybe its not chance that were in college with a girl/guy that makes our heart flutter, or happen to strike up a conversation with a random girl/guy which happens to be the best human interaction you’ve had in days, and if your being honest with yourself months.  Lets not confuse chance with fate, but let’s also not confuse destiny with simple accidents.  Mainly though, let us think, and let us believe in one of the most beautiful and wanderlust theories in life.





I have been meaning to write this for some weeks now, but I guess my resilience is completely lackluster in comparison with the inspiring man I write this story about.  It all started the week of April 1st 2012, it was my spring break for college, and I took it upon myself to work the Masters. For those who don’t know, the Masters is one of the most important, and prestigious golfing events in the world.  Back to the issue, or for better phrase, back to the inspiring event at hand. My job was to help the sheriff’s direct traffic.  Meaning I was outside the event for most of my time. Which I didn’t mind, because I had my fair share of entertainment courtesy of a protesting preacher, and his family. The first day was filled with laughter. There was Laughter from patrons mocking the preacher, and laughter from myself.  I simply didn’t understand it. I wondered why he was protesting an event like the masters, and I wondered why he seemed to be so angry at people who were clearly trying to enjoy an American past time. Nothing more. Nothing less.  The laughter and the cluelessness would go on for two more days, until a mild conversation made its way to my ears on a Thursday morning.


Preacher: Honey I’m going to go head and walk over to the other side.

Daughter: Why daddy?

Preacher: Its more people over that way, I can reach more people.


In that single moment of accidental nosiness, realization started to sink in.  It wasn’t in this man’s nature to be antagonizing, he wasn’t a hater of all things golf, and he genuinely, and honorably wanted to simply reach the most people he could.  Over the course of the next few days I would go on to find out, that he and his family have been protesting different events for over eighteen years now, that they are never in one place for longer in a week, that they are constantly badgered and bullied, and that if they could even make but one soul think twice about the life they are living then they couldn’t be happier.