True Story Vol.1

Some nights, much like tonight, my thoughts lead me to my bedroom window. The stars I see remind me of the spark in your eyes, so eventually the window leads me to my car. The radio is on; correction the radio is blasting in comparison to the quiet of the night, yet I hear no music. For my thoughts are so damn loud. I hear your laugh; I hear my name spoken through your voice. I hear a car horn, so I swerve back into my respective lane. I do not see the road 100 % clearly, for my memories are so vivid. I see your smile; I see a better version of myself through your brown eyes. I see a red light, so I stop. A car stops next to me as well. I don’t look, for I am scared of being let down or maybe I am scared of being proven right, but nonetheless I imagine. I imagine it’s you. I will it to be you. I convince myself that our soul’s forever connected has lead us both to this empty street. My conscious whispers Look. Look.  Then screams, Look! For you and her were meant to fill this street, this planet, and this universe with your love for one another. I glance at the clock it’s 2:24 AM. My eyes burn with fresh tears, my heart aches with unhealed wounds. My stomach flutters with anticipation. My soul cries for one more beginning.


The light is still red; I look over to the car next to me…





A Dream with a hidden meaning

The sun is beginning its descent into the purple sky for the night, as I slowly begin my daily desperation escape from reality into my own mind. I take one last look at the Cotton candy skyline teasing me to stick around longer, and close my eyes. I see nothing at first.  I am trapped in complete Darkness. I start to scream, but that’s when I see her.

She smiles.

“Stephanie It’s been so…” Her soft finger makes its way to my lips stopping my speech; at her touch I realize I still love her. She brings her hand down to mine and we began walking. She doesn’t say, and I don’t ask, but somehow I realize her feelings are still there too.  I am happier than I have ever been in months I think to myself.  We walk for what seems to be some years in silence, and toward nothingness. We will always walk toward nothingness. But I can tell we’re both happy.

I wake up.