True Story Vol. 2 (A Short Poem)

It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love ain’t it.

If you don’t get the picture allow me to paint it.

Once said to be High school Sweethearts turned strangers Not quite how you planned it

Two Years pass  and you are considered crazy if you still cry, and still frantic.

So you hold it in…

Until one day you meet someone new

And they’re everything you need but nothing you want

But you cant say that, so instead you put on a front.

You roll up your emotions everyday in the form of a blunt

And try to smoke the pain away..

But that dont work so you quit

You start to pen letters to the sky

You start asking god why

And you simply pray…

That he takes the pain away..



9 responses to “True Story Vol. 2 (A Short Poem)

  1. I am not good with poems…kind of like art…I simply know what I like when I see…but not so good at knowing why…so same here…I like it…I’ve been there…maybe that is why I like it so much.

    Be encouraged!

  2. I am a true fan of writings, and reading this I can’t help but to think about how your girlfriend would feel knowing that “She’s everything you need, but nothing you want” oh but you can’t say that… She, your girlfriend deserves better and frankly someone who’s taunted by the memories of his high school sweetheart shouldn’t be in a relationship.

    • Anybody who can take the time to appreciate my girlfriend and take concern for her I cannot be mad at. Know that When I write I find that going to the place that lead me to write in the first place brings out the best pieces, even if I dont neccsarily feel that way. I love my girlfriend very much and she wasn’t who I was talking about in that line of saying “Shes nothing I want.” She in this poem honestly doesn’t exist it is a metaphor for the broken heart readers who read my poems and reject the help they need, because they dont want it.. they dont want to move on. It took me a while to finally ask somebody out because i didnt want to be unfair with them.. so now that I have done it.. trust me she is everything I need and want. Thank you for your concern though.. you have inspired me to send her even more sweet text.. hold her a little longer.. and love her a little stronger


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