My First Ever Interview

Recently I was emailed about my blog, and subsequently asked to do an interview. This is the result of said interview.SN: I and 10 other bloggers have the chance to win an award for best wordpress blog.

1. If you found out that 24 hours from now you will die (and it would be a quick and painless and peaceful death) and you could somehow (maybe even magically) do whatever you want with the last 24 hours of your life, what would you do?

2. If someone was to play you in a movie about you, who would it be? And/or have you ever been compared to or unintentionally reminded of anyone?

3. Is there any question that you’d like to be asked? If yes, what is that question and what would the answer to that question be? Is there anyone whom you’d prefer to ask you that question, and who would it be and why?

4. What turns you on?

5. What turns you off? And/or, what are your pet peeves?

6.  If you were a non-human creature, what would that creature be, and why?

7. What compliment have you received that you are proud of?

8. What’s your guilty pleasure(s)?

9. Have you ever somehow ever experienced a good what-the-f*ck(?!) moment? If yes, what was that moment, and why was it good?

10. Were there other names that you considered for naming your blog? If yes, what are they?

11. Has there ever been someone or something (like a band, song, movie, book, tv show, or it could be something else) that has had a gateway drug-like effect (influencing or inspiring you or leading you to new influences, inspirations, possibilities, discoveries,  and doors being opened for you) on you? If yes, who or what is it, and why and how did that process happen?

Interesting questions my friend.

1. I would selfishly gather everyone that I have ever loved in one room..not accounting for whom they love or there feelings for me now.  And spend my time with them. Boy would it be entertaining.

2. Me writing a novel and eventually screen play based on my life.  I have already picked the actor I want to play me. Roshon fegan.

3. I would like to be asked endless questions about my hs sweetheart. By anybody. Just to have the reason to speak about it openly.. To relive those memories.. through fresh eyes, and ears if that makes sense.

4.  Affection. True raw, honest affection.  Oh and taking control in the bedroom

5.  Girls using the bathroom. And please don’t ever take the first bite or sip of anything of mines.

6. Vampire. Vampires are trendy right now.

7.  Any compliment I have ever gotten on my writing.

8.  Any form of the bachelorette. (Bachelor, bachelor pad. )

9.  A few years ago when I first moved to ga from New York. I was walking in my new neighborhood as seen my estranged cousin who was also happened to moved the Georgia. I was like wtf are you doing here. But so happy to see him.

10.  Not sure.. Never really cared to deeply in the name. Just the content.

11.  Owl city in his writing pieces that he post actually inspired me to write a blog. And better myself in writing.  Besides that there are many others to name. But I fear I will develop carpel tunnel trying to type them all.


It’s Better if it doesn’t last.

It’s better if it doesn’t last.




I’ve recently fallen in lust. I have fallen in lust with a forbidden girl. I have fallen in lust with what was, and what could have been of us.




-Shane Adams