I sincerely love you, but I’m probably lying.

I used to pride myself in my ability to make woman fall in love.. Until tonight. Realization always shines bright in my darkest.. Coldest hours. What is love if its forced… If its coerced.. if its under false pretenses… If they’re charmingly hypnotized into it I guess you can say. I crave love.. I need love.  So I pour my mind, body, and soul into extracting that from my …. Victims I guess you can call them. I’ve said I love you more than I’d care to admit and more than I honestly can count. I become  lost & tangled in thought , faux emotions, and real emotions  when I try to decide which times I have truly meant it. I sternly can say it hasn’t been many… I think…  You see thing is, I truly know nothing other than the fact that I wanna be loved…. I need to be loved.