An Open Love Letter

Dear S.P.N.

I’ve found in you & with you something that I had once thought to be lost into the deepest depths of forever. You have effortlessly, and unknowingly given me something that I would lie to myself and others & proclaim that i’ve already had. What I am trying to say in this open letter S.P.N. Is that I’ve managed to find myself… along the hours of getting lost in your conversation and kisses. I’ve written to you before, but not like this. I havent given a piece the time you without a doubt deserve. Being completely honest, I admit  that I havent given any piece the time of day let alone the time it deserves as of late. You see, your love has managed to fill a void that writing once filled for me, but thankfully it has also over time inspired me to do the impossible and attempt to put the butterflies in my stomach, the romantic melody in my head, and love in my heart on paper. God knows we argue more than we should, especially when I put into perspective that though i’ve said it in other relationships.. I havent felt love like this in a long time. With that said my question to you & I is why argue when we know the end result will always be you in my arms? and If my rhetorical question doesn’t make it clear sweetheart, allow me to blatantly tell you That I am not going anywhere.  If my love letter, and my actions are still the wee bit hazy allow me to blatantly tell you That I find you to be an amazing friend, an even better girlfriend, and a beautiful person inside & out. You have showed me how to be crazy again, some bad crazy, some good crazy. Either way I thank you for showing me Love, True true Love.. once again.




A Few Facts in a Rhyme.

These other girls will never be you.

I mean if I was blind I’d still see you.

I swear if I was deaf I’d still hear you.

And If I couldn’t speak I’d still manage to say I do.

Cause I do & always will Love you.