Speed Bumps

Last night I lay in a beautiful girl’s bed, whom by some mistake made by the universe, I have been blessed enough to call mine for some time now.  However that’s besides the point, and simply my mind wandering to the one I love. The true point is that  I lay in her bed last night a frustrated dreamer. I lay in her bed, and gave way to human nature. Being that I was so caught up in thoughts of a better future, that I was not enjoying the very good, and fortunate present. We all give way to this part of nature at some point in our lives, and that is completely fine, so long as we don’t lose ourselves to it.  Because losing ourselves to anything, love included, is the greatest crime one can commit on oneself. Staying on subject,  as I lay, I began truly thinking. In a conclusion of thoughts, or more so a peak, being that i never stop truly thinking,  I decided that life was a neighborhood. A very nice in some parts, bad in others, long neighborhood, in which we all have our respective houses. Even if we don’t know which one yet, we all still have our respective house. This is important, or maybe it isn’t, but in my mind this whole thought is important, and needs to be put in words, and in turn read. We also have our own respective speed bumps in said neighborhood of life, and for me college is that, well those speed bumps. You see I know where I want to go in this neighborhood, and in truth it may be a long ways into the neighborhood, and I may be met with the neighbors of “Job I don’t really want.” and “Rejection.” etc . . . but I am ready to begin that journey nonetheless. That is without the constant, one after the other speed bumps that college is for me. For some people speed bumps are meant to keep you safe,  other’s around you safe, or let you know you’re going a little or alot to fast.  For others, including me all speed bumps do is slow you down, from getting to a destination that you know is extremely plausible for you to arrive at had the speed bump not been there at all.  I realize that I could be onto something, or plainly another college student who clearly has no idea about the real world. This remains to be seen, and I won’t make any rash decisions. I’ll also admit that  during my giving way to Human nature all I could think about was how the speed bump of college was simply slowing me down, but as I begin to find myself again, I can say  that the speed bump could also be keeping me safe. This remains to be seen as well, but only time will tell. “But only time will tell.” This can honestly be the answer to any question, but that’s a discussion for another time. Getting back on subject for one last time,  I wholeheartedly  thought this needed to be read, I hope after doing so, you share my sentiments. I also hope that we all make it to our respective houses in the “Good” part of the neighborhood.