Life as we know it… IDK.

I’m 21, and admittedly I do not know much.  I’m even unsure on the little I think I may know, because again, admittedly, in 21 year’s I may realize it was indeed nothing that I knew.  However, I want to say the world, as a whole is changing, but in an attempt to sound less bold, instead I’ll say the world, as I know it, is changing.  Everything around me is defining itself.  This could be me “Coming of age.” But it feels so much deeper than that. It feel so, so, so, much deeper than that.  It feels as if the world truly isn’t going to be around for much longer, so it’s putting everything in its rightful place. It’s adding and subtracting the right people, things, and places whether you like it or not. It’s setting you up for exactly where you need, and was always meant to be. Call me crazy, but the idea that everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to is the only thing I have left to believe In these days.  Even when these definitions contradict my own, the belief that it’s happening for a reason is the absolute only reason why I am able to push on.  I don’t know why I wrote this, maybe for someone wiser, to tell me that the world is indeed defining itself, and that everything will be okay.  Maybe I want a confused reader to know it’s going to be okay…



But most likely for the life of me  I am just trying to convince myself that it’s all going to be okay.