Long Live The Craft

These words will be here long after I am gone. With each word that I type I sink further into an ocean of immortality. 


While Dreams Are Still Dreams

While Dreams Are Still Dreams

I want to tell Snickers my wonderful dog that the world is his playground. I want to also tell this to the girl I love, but in fears of her taking offense to sharing similarities to my dog  I won’t.

I want to tell my mom that all her dreams will no longer be but dreams. & That all the doctors in the world combined have not seen more patients than I’ve seen patience in you. & that My Love for you is the strongest force in the universe, Science has got it wrong.

I want to tell my dad, that I’m happy he’s my dad. Also that I find the honesty in his advice life changing, and only wish that one day he is totally honest with himself because this is the key to a door I have wanted to walk through with him my whole life.

I want to tell God, thank you for your favor, and all the favors.

I want to tell all the girls I’ve loved, and all the girls that have loved me that you all need help. Have you heard me snore when I’m sleep? How’d you do it? but on a serious note. I want to say that you all deserve better.

To the girl I love currently. Were on a road… In a car… running out of gas.. exits every 10 ft, but let’s not get off just yet. Let’s keep pushing.

To Morgan  I have no doubt I’ll know you forever, and this comforts me from the fears of many things.

To my sister you don’t know it, but I think about you every day, Having a sister is one of life’s gifts in my opinion.

To Misha How do you do it all? Thank you.

To My family.. Where has the time gone? Let’s remember that no matter how much time has passed filled with laughter or distance.. Time has not gone.

To the world.. This is awkward.. But I want to change you.

To everyone I’m sorry for mentioning my dog first, I felt it was essential that he felt special today.



I wouldn’t say I have the best memory, but i remember every moment spent with you. Can you feel me write our love every time my fingers make love to a Word Doc?  Can you feel me write our pain every time my fingers fuck a Word Doc? If you indeed can, call me and remind me that I can write about my wrongs all day, but I can never right them.