The once enthralling couple had been arguing aloud for weeks now, and internally for the past year.  Their time was coming to an end, and they knew it. In a bedside drawer were  the matching watches they had gotten many years earlier for their two-year anniversary, and they sensed it as well.

“Hey?” the first watch said shakily to the other.

The second watch remained silent.

The first watch spoke again. “You feel it too . . . don’t you?”

The other watch still remained silent.

“Speak to me! Tell me something! Tell me you still love me! tell me you’re scared to . . . Tell me it’s okay.” Said the first watch again. More urgently, and more shakily.

“I’m scared.” the Second watch finally whispered.

“Have you stopped loving me as well?” The first watch pushed. “Are our emotions parallel to our owners? Because I don’t feel any different for you if they are.”


“And I feel no different for you.I still love you of course, but it would be lying to ourselves, if we didn’t admit that we felt our time together was running out. Because it is, as sad as it is to admit, It is.”

A deafening silence swept over the tiny drawer.

“We can’t.” The first watch finally spoke again.

“We can’t what?” the second watch asked.

“We can’t run out of time . . . It’s impossible, and I won’t let it. We are watches remember.”  explained the first watch.


“There are no but’s we are watches! we can’t run out of time, we  encompass everything time is! It’s an idiotic thing to even think.”

“It’s not an idiotic thought at all, but instead an inconvenient truth honey. Of course I remember we are watches, but we could never encompass everything that time is don’t you see?  Time itself, never runs out. It is the only true immortal. It is beyond any substance, or thought  in this universe. Time shared between two things however, always comes to and end at some point in life. Even if we were humans we would still run out of time together at some point. You see, nothing truly lasts forever, and this principal holds no exceptions for no person nor objects. Not even us watches. ” The second watch replied tenderly and carefully.

“Is there no way to fight it?” The first watch whimpered.

“Fight it? No.  I’m sure we could prolong it to some extinct, but why go against nature.  I have always been twelve seconds ahead of you sweetheart. I have always known these things, and though it has brought me sorrow it has offered me the ability to appreciate the moments we have shared even more.”

“twelve seconds behind or not, I know one thing, there is no watch  whom I have rather spent my time with. I’ll love you forever, time cant separate that. This I know.” The first watch said confidently.

“Yes baby, you are right. I’ll love you forever as well.”

They fell in silence again. Days passed.

“Is that everything?”  Said a voice.

“Almost I just need to find one more thing.” Said Shane, the male companion from the fading couple.

“What is it?” The voice said aggravated.

Shane didn’t answer.

He walked over to the bedside drawer where the two watches remained, and opened it. Before he knew it an ocean of memories flooded his brain, and an ocean of tears his face.  He looked down on the two watches, and began to remember the look on his now wife’s face when they exchanged gifts in her dorm room, so many years ago. He remembered how nervous he was, and how serendipitous it turned out to be that they both got each other watches. The same watch at that. He then remembered how nervous she claimed to be as well, but how effortlessly poised she came across to be.  Finally, he remembered how much he loved his soon to be ex-wife back then, and how much he still does. As he took this trip down memory lane the watches whispered.

“The time has come.” Said the second watch softly.

The first watch remained silent.

The second watch continued uncharacteristically shaky. “ I won’t ever forget the day we met, the love in our owners eyes, the love between us. It is something I will forever cherish. When you understand how time works, you won’t fight to hold on to anything, but appreciate the time you got to spend. That’s what I want you to do with us, okay? ”

“Okay.” said the first watch sadly.

“Good.” answered the second watch.

“Will you think of me?”  asked the first watch shyly.

“Every second of the day, until I stop ticking.” The second watch replied.

Before the first watch could speak again; he was embraced by the familiar hand of his owner, and removed from the drawer.

Their time was up.