My Theory On Life Today.

Growing up I always questioned everything. It wasn’t necessarily aloud, but in my head I’ve always found there to be a million questions being asked simultaneously. I’ve also always found that, contrary to logic, whatever that is, that there’s one answer to every question that I’ve ever asked, or has ever been asked in general. The answer is that it’s whatever I, or the individual wants it to be. It’s all popular opinion.

Having this idea as a power-hungry kid, I always hated the long lasting power of  the person who first decided the sky was blue. I never understood the power we as a species gave certain “Facts” that I knew was purely an opinion of another human like myself, that overtime grew to be a fact. I wish I could say I don’t care if I’m viewed as crazy, but I do, so allow me to elaborate. I do believe the sky is blue, but what I’m saying is that long ago there was an individual like you and I who decided the names of colors. With that said, If I want to say blue is now green, I  believe it’s 100 % acceptable. Blue is whatever I want it to be, just like it was for that individual many years before me.

This idea has also lead me to question all religious text, not God, but religious text. I never understand how people could lead a whole lifestyle scripted for them by another Individual. We’re all patrons at a restaurant, eating the same thing, and trying to find out the chef’s secret recipe. However we will never know, and in a world of never knowing the answers are endless, and completely subjective. I’ve always joked that I was going to write my own religious text; I’m not sure If I ever will, but  explaining my idea of life seems like a good starting point.

I think that life  was once a large landmass, that overtime has become an extremely thin island surrounded by an ocean of success and failure. Life’s island isn’t necessarily beautiful, but it’s beauty is unmatched. I find it to be unmatched because on this island is the only time we are who we truly are.

The phrase “You are who you are when no one looking.” is a top ten sentence of all time in my opinion. It holds extreme truth, but It’s rare that no one is looking. Even if we are alone, we judge ourselves for who we really are, and we reject it. However, when on life’s island no one is looking, not even ourselves, and the beauty of the true self, good or bad, is peerless.


In the past, I believe that finding ourselves on life’s island wasn’t remotely as rare as it is today, In fact it wasn’t an Island at all, and we  existed solely as our true selves. Today, most of us only spend 2-3 minutes in total on Life’s island in a lifetime if were lucky. Life has come to be defined by popular opinion. The kid from compton rejects  being a teacher. the closeted athlete rejects coming out.

Life has equally come to be defined as the sum of our successes, and failures, so we’re constantly losing ourselves in waves of the two.

The mission is finding success, it’s no longer finding ourselves. I am not totally against this, because I understand we must constantly adapt to grow. However, we must understand that there’s but a thin island, or line as they say, between success and failure. We must adapt by not solely seeking to find some form of success, but still our true selves as well. Because If we seek to find ourselves as well as success, we will never drift too far away from both in the waves of failure.


Find yourself, and success is only a step away.

My theory on life today.


There’s not enough time


I sit still in my bedroom in front of a dusty keyboard, as my brain begins its daily internal ping-pong match with the same single thought.  The same thought just bouncing back and forth as it always tends to do, until I rest my mind and fall asleep. When I awake, it returns and follows the same pattern as it did the day before.  The thought that has forever haunted me is that of “I don’t have enough time.” I allow that simple sentence to deter me from getting the things I need to done. I know I need to write more, I know I need to sit down in front of this dusty keyboard, and email newspapers about a possible job, I know it would be nice to hear my aging grandmother’s voice through the speaker of my IPhone, but I seldom follow through with these actions, and chalk it up to “I don’t have enough time.” Today I fought back. I allowed my mind to embrace another idea other than that of not having enough time, and in doing this I fought off procrastination, and wrote the words you are reading. You see its not that I don’t have enough time, or there’s not enough hours in the day. The truth of the matter is, sometimes we as people lack the passion to get all the things we need to get done in a day, and we utter the words “I didn’t have enough time.” to help us sleep better at night. However unconsciously and sometimes subconsciously we know that twenty-four hours is enough time, to write down your thoughts, email that possible job, pick up that phone to call your grandmother, study for that econ test, tell someone you love them, and talk to your god. Twenty-Four hours is absolutely more than enough time to get everything we need, and even want done if only we gain one P word and lose the other.  Gain passion. Lose procrastination.



As a reader I want to ask that you gain passion for life, for the things you need to do to get you ahead, and I have no doubt that It will be time well spent.