The definition of Assumption according to the dictionary is something taken for granted. Though I agree with the book definition I believe a more accurate statement is deserved for this day in age.  To me, assumption is simply something that is done way too much in society today.  It has become such a staple in Human nature that we don’t think twice before doing it. Assumptions are our first facts.  To often we follow the pattern: Assume First. Accuse Second. Apologize Later.  We see a Girl “tweet” a smiley face to another guy, and immediately assume she must like him. Mind you if we took the time and delved deeper into these individuals’ relationships perhaps we find out that the guy is simply a funny friend. In those basic assumptions we never find out the truth, we take our opinions as facts.  There are serious assumptions however, those where they affect the people close to us.  You see Assumptions affects Trust directly. They prove the lack there of it in a relationship.  When we assume in matters involving people we are supposed to trust the most, and participate in the assume, accuse, apologize pattern the relationship is rarely the same afterwards.  Trust is lost, pride is hurt, and bridges slightly burned.  In my 20 short years on earth I have seen to many good relationships gone bad, and have also contributed to relationships going bad through assumption.  I write this in hopes that trust can be embedded back into society, and if not trust in our fellow people, at least trust in the ones we truly are supposed to be trusting. Stop assuming and start trusting.