SuperPower: Unlocked

-Inspired by the fact that I can’t believe the Clippers players still played after Donald Sterling’s comments.

We live in a generation where we riot on empty streets, and give “I have a dream” esque speeches on no higher platform than that of twitter. It’s scary how completely and utterly content we’ve come. Ironic is that complete credit for our current comforts, can be wholly attributed to our forefathers ability to be so actively discontent. I fear that a million man march will never happen again, and that one day I will tell my grandkids stories about how I was 1 of 1 million retweets that promised to help a great cause. God knows I hate those “RT to save a life” tweets that go around twitter, and I dislike myself for how frequently I’m online to catch them.

We live in a generation of once superheroes, who have truly forgotten how to use their powers. A generation where I’ve heard “One man can’t change the world”  whispered in the wind of the same great cities that have watched  such things happen. God remembers how much power he blessed us with, before technology and growth caused us to forget. We’ve grown so much, and have outgrown key elements of life that we were supposed maintain at the core of it all.

I fear that we live in a generation that will only allow itself to be furthered by technological advancements from here on out. We’ve given up the power in the music. We’ve given up the power in the voice. We’ve given up the power in the body. MLK walks around reincarnated in the body of a person with no social media, and consequently no following, nor voice, nor power. Malcolm X runs a “Indie” blog that this generation will never allow to be made mainstream.

How did this happen? When did it become “Indie” to have ideas that will push civilization forward, and mainstream to twerk on the standstill surface of intellectual destruction.

I fear I don’t know how to end this, I want to keep writing. I want to keep finding sentences that will click with you as an individual, but 3 people read my blog on a good day, and I’m just Shane Adams -1400 B.C. Bible Writer, 2014- Indie blogger,  writing words that should, but won’t change the world YET.


There’s not enough time


I sit still in my bedroom in front of a dusty keyboard, as my brain begins its daily internal ping-pong match with the same single thought.  The same thought just bouncing back and forth as it always tends to do, until I rest my mind and fall asleep. When I awake, it returns and follows the same pattern as it did the day before.  The thought that has forever haunted me is that of “I don’t have enough time.” I allow that simple sentence to deter me from getting the things I need to done. I know I need to write more, I know I need to sit down in front of this dusty keyboard, and email newspapers about a possible job, I know it would be nice to hear my aging grandmother’s voice through the speaker of my IPhone, but I seldom follow through with these actions, and chalk it up to “I don’t have enough time.” Today I fought back. I allowed my mind to embrace another idea other than that of not having enough time, and in doing this I fought off procrastination, and wrote the words you are reading. You see its not that I don’t have enough time, or there’s not enough hours in the day. The truth of the matter is, sometimes we as people lack the passion to get all the things we need to get done in a day, and we utter the words “I didn’t have enough time.” to help us sleep better at night. However unconsciously and sometimes subconsciously we know that twenty-four hours is enough time, to write down your thoughts, email that possible job, pick up that phone to call your grandmother, study for that econ test, tell someone you love them, and talk to your god. Twenty-Four hours is absolutely more than enough time to get everything we need, and even want done if only we gain one P word and lose the other.  Gain passion. Lose procrastination.



As a reader I want to ask that you gain passion for life, for the things you need to do to get you ahead, and I have no doubt that It will be time well spent.