A Drunk Toast To The Best Kinds Of Plot Twists.

I’ve read that the best kind of love is one in which the soul is awakened. I am not in love, and I am unsure if it’s indeed my soul, but something endlessly divine has been awakened inside of me. It started when the best kind of friend (One in which you have to build a solid foundation of banter in order to avoid a considerable amount of maudlin conversations detailing how truly perfect they are in your eyes.) Confessed her feelings for me. Instantly I was 7 years old again, up way past my bedtime, and watching my first Sunrise. God has colored the entire sky perfectly, and I still couldn’t color inside the lines of a singular square I thought. I had never seen or appreciated such beauty before. I knew that I never wanted to miss another, and I vowed that I wouldn’t. I promised forever to something I didn’t know existed, wanted, and possibly even needed moments earlier.


You see, What I’m trying to say is that… this friend was everything Magical in what was my first Sunrise.

I became entranced with ideas, and possibilities that I didn’t know existed moments earlier. I saw forever in a world I had previously thought to be fleeting. I saw the everlasting beauty in everything that was her. I was effortlessly lost in the wave of newfound passion. I put a grim emphasis on the term wave because waves come and go in an ocean of forevers and foundations.

With that said, My 7 year old self,  was peacefully asleep, on time, and couldn’t even manage to capture the sunrise the very next morning.

As for my best kind of friend, maudlin conversations and thoughts of perfection possibilities quickly faded back to banter.

So here I stand with a shot filled with an ocean of Hennessy toasting to wishes of being her ocean of forevers.


Dreams Of Dreaming Next To You. [I]

I’m almost awake.

I wonder if I wake you will you stay?

But wondering gets me no where!

And for right now love, you’re not going no where.

But I know that i’m almost awake.

Oh baby can’t we just fly away?

I’d fly with you to another world.

Where we can sleep forever girl.

But God knows I’m almost awake.

I can feel you fading away.

won’t you stay… baby won’t you stay..

But I fear now I’ve Awaked from a dream of dreaming next to you.

I’m damned to lie awake.. wishing I dreaming next to you.

Excerpt # 2 From my first novel entitled “The Last Piece”

I havent posted anything in a while, in all honesty before today i havent written anything very good, or of true meaning in a while. Heres and excerpt from the most recent chapter of my first book, which only has three more chapters to go 🙂


Chapter 13: The picnic

I paused at the touch of my front doorknob. My hand felt not cold, hot, nor any different at its touch, it’s what I felt inside that made me wary. I first thought the feeling to be the familiar   butterflies that make my stomach home whenever I see Lilly, but I knew better than that. The Butterflies were long gone. They had been replaced; better yet they had been killed. The butterflies were in fact brutally murdered by the anchor that was not making my stomach home, and sinking it into the soles of my feet in the process. Why was I so nervous? You’re about to see the girl you love, but have also grown to despise for the first time in months, my conscious answered back. Yeah that’s definitely it, I finally decided. Wow, you just admitted you despise the supposed love of your life my conscious spoke again. I wanted to take the realization back as soon as I thought it, but deep down I knew it was true. Though my love for Lilly outweighed any other emotion I felt towards her, I wondered if it was even possible to feel those two specific emotions for the same person. Of course you have those stories of people falling in love with someone they hated in high school, or some other previous time in their life, but did they ever hate them and love them at the same time?  The scary thing was that I didn’t want to despise who Lilly was becoming I just couldn’t help it. Thing clearly weren’t the same, and I was more in love with who she was five months ago, and despised the girl she was today. So I guess you can say these two opposing emotions were aimed at two different people. Because that’s how drastic the change in Lilly was. What was even scarier than not being able to control my own feelings, and a constantly changing Lilly was the chance that she might be feeling the same way.

By the time I found myself in front of Lilly’s house I was already an hour late. I knocked on the familiar Ohio State covered door, and was greeted by Mrs. Cepeda.

“Oh hey son, come on in.” She said rushing me inside the door and into a bear hug.

“It’s been so long. How have you been?” She continued, as we broke apart.  

You don’t say. I thought to myself.

“I have been great Mrs. Cepeda, just missing you and your daughter.”

“Oh son, we miss you too. I have told you time and time again that you are welcome to come by and visit anytime you want. I think about you every time I make those Bratwursts you love. We miss you at the dinner table.”

“Yeah I know, I just figured you guys probably had your fair share of me over the past two years, and thought I’d give you a much needed break.”

Before I knew it Mrs. Cepeda was bringing me in for yet another hug. “Honey, we could never get tired of you, I love you as if you were my own son. You should know that Tyler.”

I smiled, and shifted awkwardly in her arms.

“Oh how could anyone ever grow tired of those dimples!” Mrs. Cepeda Exclaimed unhanding me yet again.

“Mom I think you’re beginning to scare him.”

“Oh Hush!”

I looked up in the direction of the voice to see Lilly coming down the stairs. She looked wondrous, and breathtaking. More importantly she looked like the girl I fell in love with.

“Hello Widdle baby.” She said reaching for my hand when she was by my side.

“Hey Beautiful.” I responded grabbing her outstretched hand.


“Aw you guys are so cute, just stay here one minute, I need to get a few shots for—

“Let me guess the scrapbook.”

Mrs. Cepeda ignored Lilly’s snarky interruption and disappeared into her den. Seconds later she was back with her Kodak camera snapping away.

“Okay, ill let you guys do whatever young love birds do these days.” She said just as I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever go on this date with Lilly.

Lilly ran over and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank god. I’ll see you later mom.”

“Okay sweetheart. You guys be safe”

“We will.” Lilly and I yelled in unison as we proceeded out the front door.

It felt like we were sitting outside her house for at least an hour making out like freshmen before we finally spoke words to each other. “I’ve missed you.” I finally whispered as I broke away to breathe.

“Baby missing you would be an understatement. I’m so sorr—”

“Don’t. There’s no need for apologies, you’re here now and I won’t waste the time I do have with you talking about the time that I haven’t. Were going on this date and were going to have a good time to erase the bad times.”

“Well, when you take control and put things that way, it kind of makes me want to sit in this car and rip your clothes off.” She rubbed my inner thigh.


She stopped and laughed. “Okay, Okay I will stand down sergeant widdle baby, Lilly Cepeda is now completely at your service.”

I shook my head, and smiled big. “God, I’ve missed this.”

She returned her hand to my inner thigh, and I took off from her house, with nothing but pavement, good memories, and pure bliss in front of us. 

Momentary Infinity

Momentary Infinity

It seems like forever we were together

You’ll never know what you mean to me.

Broken hearts paint my scenery

Cupid aimed at me with his whole artillery.

But it’s cool i won’t take it personally

Because there was a time when i felt as if you were put solely on this earth for me.

Until love burned me third degree

But you taught me so much i graduated early with my love degree.

Now i sit here and write beautiful words of poetry

But you’ll never notice me

And i’ll always love you

But you will never know it

Or maybe you will and feel the same

But you’ll never show it.